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Test Connections Inc. is dedicated to our customers.
We have a complete line of loaded and bare board test probes


Loaded Board Test Probes
Bare Board Test Probes
Bare Board Grid Replacement Probes
QuickFix Kits
QuickFix Tooling and Alignment Pins
ATG Cassette Probes
Mania Test Probes
Luther& Maelzer Test Pins
High Current Spring Probes
Fine Pitch Double-Ended BGA Probes
1.1" Solid Translation Pins
2.02" Solid Translation Pins
2.02" Music Wire Translation Pins
with or without Dimple

3.00" Music Wire Translation pins
with or without Dimple

3.74" Music Wire Translation Pins
3.74"Music Wire Translation Pins
with Dimple

Interface Pins and Probes
Program Data Inc. 2.515" Solid
Translation Pins

Probe Tip Style Applications

At Test Connections, our business is designing and manufacturing the highest quality and most cost-effective products.

We also have years of successful experience and knowledge in the ATE business.

Custom and special designs optimized to your specific requirements are invited.

In addition to using the proper materials and quality construction in all of our products, TCI continually reviews processes to assure that we meet or exceed industry standards in performance, quality, and value.

Our standards are mechanically interchangeable with most existing spring probes.

QuickFix is a direct replacement for existing bare board grid ET systems without modification or additions.

TCI offers a complete selection of off-the-shelf loaded and bare board spring probes with a wide range of options in tip styles, plating and materials.

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